St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smoltz will join Cardinals

Various reports today have indicated that John Smoltz will in fact sign with the Cardinals after he officially clears waivers and is released. However, his role with the Cardinals is still unknown. Some reports indicate that Smoltz will be joining at the 5th starter, others indicated he will be the set-up man out of the bullpen. Both options make sense for the Cardinals, though I ultimately see him ending up in the 'pen.

Scenario 1 - John Smoltz the Starter. Including tonight's game, the Cardinals have 40 games left this season. If divided evenly, each starter would get 8 starts. However, the starts won't be divided evenly. Carp, Wainwright, and Pineiro will get the majority of the starts, leaving the remaining to be divided between Lohse and Smoltz. Lohse still seems to have some lingering effects from his forearm injury earlier this summer, meaning Smoltz would probably get a few more starts than Kyle. Smoltz has been effective this season in the first three or four innings in the majority of his starts, which is why some call for him to be in the bullpen. However, the National League is much more of a "pitchers league" than the American League, which would allow Smoltz to get a little more of a break when he reaches the lower part of the order. If John Smoltz is used as a starter, he would only be expected to give the Cards 5 or 6 innings a night. I believe he is capable of doing this.

Scenario 2 - John Smoltz the Set-Up Man. Ultimately, this is where John Smoltz will end up, should the Cardinals make the playoffs because the Cardinals will clearly not use five starters in October. This is a good spot for him because he has been very effective the first time through the line-up so far this season. However, he would prefer to start.

Tonight's anthem - "Use Somebody" - Kings of Leon

Go Cards

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